Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a long time

Can't believe that it has been nearly three years since I used this blog. That's a lot of different camera equipment under the bridge.

Have found what I believe is one of the best travel cameras... the Panasonic G1. You can even fit Leica M lenses using an adaptor. It's manual focus with the M glass, but fantastically detailed.

The Panasonic has great reviews and I have samples on the website... go to

For the technically minded, the G1 is a micro four thirds camera that's a cross between a conventional digital SLR, the old bridge cameras and a compact camera. The format allows much smaller lenses and bodies because it doesn't have a mirror.

The viewfinder is electronic. Yeah, I know these used to be a bit nasty in the old days. But the G1's is very good indeed, although a bit fuzzy in low light.

I have had better pictures from this little camera than a Leica M8 (OK, so I've got one of those as well), which is a bit annoying because the rangefinder costs an arm and a leg.

Check out my latest images of Rome taken with the G1. These are now with the Alamy picture agency

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