Saturday, July 09, 2011

Luxury hotel for pets - pampered cats and dogs reign at the Barkley, California

With a wag of the tail here and a contented purr there, pampered pooches and cats in California are living a life of luxury at the Barkley hotel for pets in Los Angeles.

The hotel, just across the street from a human version (the Four Seasons), even provides television screens featuring birds in flight and tropical fish swimming in a tank.

Great picture story at the Telegraph.




Exclusive Luxury Hotels said...

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The Barkley luxury pet hotel sits across the street from the four seasons hotel in Los Angeles, an apt location. While guests at the four seasons can order breakfast in bed, have a massage or take a swim in the pool, those staying at the barkley can do the same, plus much much more. The Barkley provides the highest level of luxury for pampered pets. Thanks a lot.......

Reeceloui said...

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