Friday, April 13, 2012

When 'Greeny' swapped his trousers for a pet monkey - life on a sailing ship in the Titanic era

Read 'monkey business' an extract from Sons of Gentlemen - in the days of the Titanic. The Adventures of Greeny, an apprentice on tall ships 1908 to 1912 by Captain T. B. Greenhalgh, just published for the Kindle. Yes, he was my grandfather!

Greeny, an apprentice on board the four-masted, Standard Oil Company barque 'Brilliant', is in the Java Sea. And he has swapped a pair of old trousers for a Sumatra monkey. There are about a dozen monkeys on board, but he is the only apprentice to own one...

And the monkeys get up to all sorts of tricks.

Extract at NanuqMedia

Sons of Gentlemen is available as an eBook from Amazon.


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