Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boris Johnson plucked and roasted by Max Hastings

Crikey! A brilliantly written (as you would expect), withering piece by my former boss Max Hastings on Boris Johnson.

He gives the London mayor both barrels from his shotgun, sends in the spaniel to grab him by the throat, plucks him and then roasts him on a spit over an open fire.

With a nice turn of phrase in every paragraph, he puts the wannabe Prime Minister (yes, of course, he wants to be PM) firmly in his place. But it's a bit harsh.

I've known the big white mop for as long as Sir Max and I've seen him at his most, shall we say, chaotic. But I like him; he makes me laugh; he's a clever boy, although he doesn't know the meaning of the word "deadline".

Should you trust Boris with your wife? Of course not! Should you trust him with your wallet? No, no and no! (he still owes me a fiver). But should you trust any politician (or journalist for that matter!) with either of those?

I have a deep respect for Sir Max, he is a brilliant journalist. But life isn't about being serious all the time. What's wrong with a bit of fun?

If Boris brings pizzazz to politics, cheers up the people AND throws in the right policies, he'll get my vote.

He could be a better choice than the over-serious, untrustworthy, po-faced automatons who have run this country for decades… and made a pig's ear of it.



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