Sunday, March 03, 2013

What on earth do you say when the football team you manage gets thrashed?

1) Make the heavy defeat sound like a draw …

Norwich boss Chris Hughton (beaten 4-0 by Manchester United): "We were still very much in the game." (Norwich had only one shot, but at least it was on target!)

2) Concede that the opposition were better. Well, almost... 

"You have to give Liverpool credit... but I think we were to blame for the scoreline" – Wigan's Roberto Martinez after a 4-0 defeat at home.

3) Deny it's your fault – especially if the team you picked were 5-0 adrift within just 76 minutes…

"I don't think it was down to our system or tactics" – Birmingham boss Lee Clark (lost 5-2 at Hull).

4) Divert the blame (it was so unfortunate!) …

"It wasn't a corner and then we conceded… the second goal led to a capitulation. The two goals that followed came as a result of us thinking about the misfortune we suffered" - Huddersfield boss Mark Robins after losing 4-1 to Brighton. Nothing to do with Ulloa's well-taken hat-trick, of course.


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