Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transition to clap-trap...

Que? (Brighton Library display)

We Brightonians have always been tolerant (!), so long as some things aren't required behaviour.

But some people think our acceptance means they can produce unadulterated clap-trap.

I'm not knocking International Women's Day. You can have a Little Green Men's Day for all I care (although it might end up as Little Green Thing-Me-Bobettes' Day).

But, please...

"'Transition' unites the artists and the development process behind the show as we move from local to international, one gender to two."

Loosely translated, I think it means: Men can also be artists. And they produce art locally and across the world. So, we have now allowed them to do it on Women's Day.

And another thing…

One of the 'artists' calls herself a "Cross-disciplinary Creatrix"

There was a time when you could get arrested for that!


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