Monday, February 27, 2012

'UFO filmed in Rottingdean, Sussex' - yeah, right!

A red blob caught on video by a man in Sussex is claimed to be a UFO – and the alien watchers are jumping about again.

The Argus, Brighton, reports that David Flannery captured the mysterious blob in the sky over Rottingdean and it was chased away by helicopters.

'I was standing in Holmes Avenue and it was hovering in the sky over Kemp Town way... this wasn't a Chinese lantern. I know what they look like,' he told the Argus.

He apparently called the police and Ministry of Justice, 'but received no answers' - there's a surprise.

The report says Mr Flannery is 'from Sherbourne Close, Rottingdean'. But there doesn't appear to be such a close in the village, which blows a big hole in the story straight away. There is a Sherbourne Close to the west of Brighton in Hove/Portslade, which is, incidently, only 5 minutes away from Holmes Avenue!

The story has been picked up so far by the website Just goes to show how these stories do the rounds.

Two lovely comments on the Argus story include:
'You develop the technology to travel light years through space, you get there and are chased away by helicopters.'

'It has got to be true. Aliens travel millions of light years using technology beyond human understanding to investigate Rottingdean nightlife.'



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