Monday, February 20, 2012

World's most expensive Cognac - Napoleon's bottle goes to auction

A Cognac that travelled with Napoleon Bonaparte on his conquests around Europe - and the last of its kind - is to be auctioned. And, at a whopping £114,500, it could become the most expensive Cognac in the world.

Made in 1795, it is among about 5,000 unopened bottles of spirits, worth about £5 million, belonging to a Dutch collector, Bay Van der Bunt.

Mr van der Bunt bought the hand-blown six-litre Jeroboam bottle from a Chicago collector in 1990 for £20,000.

He said: 'It travelled with Napoleon's army. You can just see it there lying with the others in the hay cart. After the battle – and probably before – the officers would drink from it.'

Mr van der Bunt will apparently vet prospective buyers to make sure the Cognac goes to a collector and isn't drunk!



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