Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anglers banned from using white bread as bait - 'it makes the fish fat'

Crumbs, it's not April Fool's Day is it? According to a report on the Telegraph website, anglers at a fishery in England have been banned from using white bread as bait.

The Hampshire fishery says it makes fish fat and fishermen are being told to use wholemeal and granary bread instead.

But isn't the whole idea of angling to catch a big fat fish? Anyway, according to some experts, fish use their loaf (ouch!) when looking for bait and it is unlikely that white bread is doing them any harm.

Malcolm Coller, of the Carp Society, said: "In my experience bait bans are the last refuge of the uninformed."

So it's now 'elf and safety for fish. Whatever next?



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