Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cannabis cafes for Brighton? Yet another potty idea from a Green politician

The Green Party's Home Affairs spokesman in Brighton wants cannabis cafes in the city to cash in on the tourists who will shun Amsterdam when Holland bans foreigners from smoking pot in their coffee shops.

In a Telegraph report, Councillor Ben Duncan says: "Think of all the millions our shops and hotels would make if all those tourists being turned away from Amsterdam by the Dutch Tories came here to spend their holiday cash instead!"

It's yet another potty idea from the Greens in Brighton, of course. And if they really wanted to promote tourism, they would not have increased parking charges on the seafront to such ridiculous levels that tourists are shunning the resort in their droves.

There again, I suppose it wouldn't be a good idea to encourage the sort of tourists Coun Duncan wants in the city to drive – especially if they are as high as kites.

Coun Duncan needs to go to Amsterdam to ask why they are reversing their pot policy. But then, maybe the idea came to him when he was in one of their coffee shops.

So, what next from the Greens? A wind farm in the Pavilion gardens?


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