Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That's a zebra and a parrot in the passenger seat – man arrested for drink-driving

When police were told that a zebra and a parrot were sitting in a pick up truck outside a bar in Iowa, USA, you'd probably forgive them for being skeptical – especially as the establishment was called the Doghouse Bar and Lounge.

Yet, sure enough, when officers arrived they found the truck and its strange occupants being driven away by Jerald Reiter. The driver failed a number of sobriety tests and was arrested.

Wonder who the passerby was who had the courage to ring the police and report he had seen a zebra and a parrot in the passenger seat outside a bar.

According to the Mail, it's not the first time someone has taken their pet zebra to a bar. British racehorse owner Bill Turner used to take his to the pub.



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