Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The things people do when their beloved pets die – cloning and even suicide

Some people it seems will do anything after their much-loved pets die – from spending a fortune on cloning their dogs and cats or, in a more extreme case, committing suicide.

The Telegraph reports on the inquest of a British man who killed himself after he lost his beloved cat.

Michael McAleese, 44, of Poole, Dorset, was so distraught when his 13-year-old tabby cat died that he took a cocktail of drugs. The coroner recorded a verdict that he took his own life.

Meanwhile, in America, a couple paid $155,000 to have their Labrador cloned.

Edgar and Nina Otto wanted another dog just like their dead pet called Sir Lancelot. The replica, Lancelot Encore, is said to share traits with the original. Edgar, the son of NASCAR co-founder Edward Otto, paid the enormous price at an auction.

The Mail Online reports that: 'The cloning itself was done in conjunction with a San Francisco firm called BioArts and the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea... BioArt suspended their commercial cloning service in September 2009, though the process is still completed in South Korea.'

The first commercially cloned pet was a cat called Little Nicky and cost a woman in Texas $50,000.




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