Friday, May 27, 2011

£1,305 found stuffed down back of sofa given to charity shop

£1,305 dropped out of the back of a sofa that had been donated to a charity shop in Rugby. The money was returned to its owners after they were traced by a Gift Aid form.

A friend of mine once thought it was a good idea to hide the family silver in the kitchen waste bin when they went away on holiday. But she forgot to tell her husband.

You can guess what happened next. Possibly the first and last time he put out the rubbish (without being nagged!) when the binmen were outside.

They never found the silver, despite tracking down the massive infill site where the rubbish was sent and clambering over all sorts of nasty garbage ... all they did find was an empty, screwed-up envelope with their names and address on it.

Now, where on earth did I hide that £1,000?


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