Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marmite banned in Denmark - vitamins and minerals 'break laws'

Clearly, the Danish health and safety police HATE IT. Front page of the Marmite website.

MARMITE, the savoury yeast extract spread is not everyone's cup of tea. But, love it, or hate it, shouldn't you have the right to decide for yourself?

Not in Denmark. Authorities say its added vitamins and minerals break their food safety laws and it has been banned.

Other products, such as chocolate malt drink Ovaltine and some breakfast cereals, are also banned in Denmark.

Britons living in the country are threatening to ignore the Marmite ban and have even suggested that the Danish ban breaks European law.

A young German, who had never seen Marmite before, once stayed at our house during an exchange trip many years ago. At the breakfast table he grabbed the pot and spread it thickly on his toast.

"You only need a small amount," we said.

"No, no, it is all right," said he.

One bite, and he nearly threw up... but he carried on bravely!

PS: I love it, spread thinly.




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