Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google and Facebook together are bigger than the USA - mind-boggling statistics

Look at these amazing statistics. They really do put the internet and the world into perspective.

The stats show how big some internet companies have become, but also reveal how dwarfed their daily visitors are when compared with the extraordinary mass of people in China.

If, for example, the Google and Facebook dotcoms were countries, they would each have bigger populations than Brazil - and their combined population would, amazingly, outstrip the USA (by more than two countries the population size of the UK)!

But, put all the dotcoms mentioned here together and they would not come close to the population of China - falling short by a huge 581 million (more than the combined populations of the USA, Russia and Japan).

dv = daily visitors (some pop figures are 2009!)

China:                  1,331.5 million population

India:                  1,155.3 million

United States:          310 million

Google:                 236 million dv           200.5 million dv

Brazil:                 194 million

Russia:                 141.8 million            130.6 million dv

Japan:                  127 million              119.6 million dv

France:                 62.6 million

United Kingdom:         62 million            50 million dv

Canada:                 33.7 million

Australia:              22 million              10.7 million dv

Portugal:               10.5 million

Mexico City:             8.8 million

New York City:           8.1 million

London:                  7.5 million

Norway:                  4.9 million

New Zealand:             4.3 million

Brighton and Hove:       0.256

Number of people who watched the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton according to the New York Times: (estimate give or take 500 million) 3,000 million (more than China, India, USA and the UK together!). Hard to believe as there are 7,000 million people on the planet.

And, finally, the estimated number of insects in the world: 10,000,000,000,000 million - that's a lot of bites!


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